Running and Rose’s…

Another good writing day. When I finally got around to getting out, I googled ‘dirt running path kreuzberg berlin’ and found a trail that runs along the Landwehrkanalwhich is, I learn today, where Rosa Luxembourg’s body was dumped after her murder in 1919. Great run. I’m getting in more than 95 minutes these days, which means around 12K. Mostly dirt, some of that cool, inlaid brick I’ve only seen here in Berlin.

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Then, having drank coffee too late, Ute suggested I head over to Orianenstrasse where there is a kind of an old skool queer-punk scene. And there certainly is. I ended up at a teeny, classic berlin queer-punk place, Rosa’s. Everything but the floors are covered in red fur, roses, photographs of Madonna in all of her early 90s S & M-ness and even a Warholistic-Marilyn’d Dr. Spock. Very nice and met a wonderful English novelist from Leipzig. Who knew?

~ by Thom on May 5, 2011.

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