In action description, intention trumps

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In action description, intention trumps blocking. #screenwriting #writerscircleTO @stage32


Integrate a map, scripture, a painting,

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Integrate a map, scripture, a painting, a recipe into yr #screenplay or #fiction. #writerscircle

#Roberto Bolano’s ghost is stalking me.

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#Roberto Bolano’s ghost is stalking me. The 2nd time 2day he’s appeared. #writerscircle

“Tonight, your velocity was so fierce t

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“Tonight, your velocity was so fierce that you, even you, could spin into presence.” #deathsexmeuley

2+ ppl nd chips 4 whatever reason.

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2+ ppl nd chips 4 whatever reason. <10 chips (the best kind).1 p gets the chips. Reason named, scene over. #writerscircle

If we were to read yr pps, how wld we kn

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If we were to read yr pps, how wld we know the myth/fairy tale yr ch. id’s with? #writerscircle

What It Took to Vote

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The President’s re-election means that we are one step closer to taking our place at the table. Can you imagine? Vajdon and me able to come to the U.S. as a family? Maybe, someday. In the meantime…

My voting materials came: sample ballot and so other materials. Even the pink envelope to mail it in was there. But no ballot. Surely that’s coming. Weeks passed. I said on FB, I’d done my research and yadda yadda. Thinking it was coming. 3 weeks ago. I checked again. No ballot. Under my desk. In every place it could possibly be. 

I called the LA registrars office. They were going to send another. Another pkg came. No ballot!

I emailed, I called. Nada. I surrendered. Thinking I wouldn’t be able to vote. 

Then, I woke up last week. Thought: the U.S. Consulate. Maybe they’ve got a ballot lying around. There, on the website, was a link for I could vote online, email the materials and print. I did that. So so grateful. 

I then printed the materials. I express-mailed them to the Registrar’s office. Then, they sent an email saying I needed to fax the signed permission form. I high-tailed it to Staples and faxed that sucker. 

I had done what I could to vote. That was nothing, my friends, to what those in FL, OH and in the Northeast have unreasonably and horribly had to endure to cast theirs. I am so so proud to have witnessed that.