A little more of the ‘Meuley’ book

Here’s a little more from the MSS I’m revising now.

….Electrons exposing their bellies. Falling into weakness. Stinking into vulnerability. Susceptibleness makes the neutrino. Shot out by the sun, a neutrino passes through undetected. Unnoticed except by super-sensitive, Grade A equipment like at CERN or outside Chicago in Plainfield. A neutrino gets through undetected because it has no weight, no odour, no mass. It can’t be pulled by some scent coming in from one direction or another. At least, not measurably. You only know a neutrino is present because it disappears. It spins into absence. And so is not accountable, either. No residue in the nostrils.

~ by Thom on September 27, 2012.

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