Guys on a Wire (or how four queers zipped, swung and tight-roped their way to a fun-filled fantasy weekend!)

There is a little piece of heaven, two hours north of Toronto at Bracebridge. Santa’s Village. I kid you not. It is (practically) year-round Christmas up there, baby. A steamboat cum Stock Car run by a pirate fugitive from Santa’s Workshop, batting cages, calliopes, a zoo, go karts and a Roller Coaster. There is, also, heaven-adjacent the Eaglecrest Aerial Park. If you weren’t in heaven before you will be way high up in the trees. We camped, we ate foil dinners, made mean French toast on raisin challah and at S’Mores. One of the many existential questions that arose over the weekend was is it correct to call the first s’more, a “s’more”? You might want to ponder that as pics of four guys in the trees parade past.

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~ by Thom on August 9, 2011.

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