Ich danke Ihnen, Berlin!

Had a great last run (you know me, I’m all about the runs these days) along the canal from Admiralstrasse.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned (but you’ll see some in these posts’ pics) the bronze markers embedded in the sidewalks here and there. These markers mark where Jewish families who were deported lived here in Berlin. Berliners have been invited to call a registry and find out if a deported Jewish family lived at a particular address. Then, they can pay some nominal fee (E100 or so) to have a marker made and placed in the sidewalk out front. Two days ago I saw one for the famous art dealer Max Lieberman. It is astonishing how unequivocal the NS racism and persecution was.

Saw ‘Blue Man Group’ which all of the kids in the audience loved (Thanks, Tobi!). It’s all based around ‘interaction’. So, at one point tons and tons of white paper towel came from behind us in the theatre and the audience passed in under, over and around all the way down to the stage. There was no other purpose in this than the joint achievement (I guess) of getting all of that paper down to the front. The kids loved it. If you’ve got a teen in your life (12-16) take them, it’s right up their alley.

A visit to the Kaiser Wilhelm Church, a fancy queer haircut in Schoneberg (by Michelle who said, ‘My English is not so good but we all are very different in Schoneberg’) next door to Isherwood’s place and a run past the sex workers working so hard on the Kurfurstemdamm. They are like that black panther at the Zoo, pacing back and forth.

Then, last night we all went to Maedchen Ohne Abitur here in the ‘hood and ate their amazing liver, apples, onions and potatoes. We hung out and gabbed and said goodbye. We didn’t cry but did kiss a lot of cheeks. Beautiful cheeks and smiles: Bettina, Tobi, Florian, Mark, Angelina and Susanna. I saw a lot and touched a lot here but these people are the thing; are Berlin.

I’m just about packed up and ready to hit the Sudstern metro to the airport. Because it’s all in German, I didn’t know if I was taking a bus or train from Frankfurt to Luxembourg. Lovely Ute let me know it’s a train.

See you on the other side…

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~ by Thom on May 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ich danke Ihnen, Berlin!”

  1. Berlinand I will miss you! But I am sure you ll be back and look forward do that. Have an inspiring and safe ongoing trip!
    Love, Tobi

    • yes, tobi. it got me at tegel. my throat tightened as i got verklempt (sic?). thank you for welcoming me so roundly. it’ll be a fine day when we can meet maybe w/ vajdon too, at m ohne arbitur. sade is on the overhead spkers here in frankfurt. hug

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