Laurie, Wall, Tempelhof, Topography…One week to go

With the days counting down, I’ve got the flight to Frankfurt booked and the train to Luxembourg from there. A few days with Beatrice (where do I begin with her?). Oh, at the beginning. Beatrice gave me my first film job in 1987 in Chicago. We’ve been tight, tho’ often separated by all of that water, since. Yesterday, we took in the Wall in a deeper way. That, and the war, still cut this city. We hit Tachele, the famous artists’ squat that will be over very, very shortly. Lots of piss and spray paint. All of these eras sliding away here, for better or worse.

Had a good chat with Gunther of English Theatre Berlin about perhaps theatricalizing The Drifts. Saw some East German guard towers, the East Side Gallery (a huge swath of the wall that is an outdoor arts gallery-can you spy Brezhnev and Honnecker kissing below?). Then, back to the Volksbuhne for Laurie Anderson. Stunning and ho-hum. It seemed more like a work-in-progress. But I left kicked up a notch which was good bec’ Susanna, Beatrice and I got into it over whether the E.U. is a good thing or…? Jury’s still out. Good in some respects, not so much in others. Today, biked circuit around Tempelhof (the Nazi airfield where all of those Berlin rallies were held, designed by Albert Speer), then to Martin Gropius-Bau and back to the Topography of Terror. When I left there today, and went back to my bike, I had to thank Berlin for opening my eyes to see so much. Thank you, Berlin!

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~ by Thom on May 19, 2011.

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