Deutsches Historiches Museum & Silent Magic

Okay, three things, well a few more but…

So, good writing morning then got my bio off to Dominique in Australia for the chapter and then myself jolted into the Conservative Majority in Canada (echoes of 2004). Ute then found me at the subway on a bench trying to tell where I was going and helped me get on the right subway up to Alexanderplatz which is near the Reichstag, etc. Tourist central, English everywhere.

Walked past the Deustshes Museum (Museum of German History) but found it amidst all of the 17th, c. buildings initiated by Frederick the Great. The museum, with an atrium by I.M. Pei is huge. I focused on 1918-39, the main period of my research. Ebert’s death mask, photos of war vets begging, nazi armbands, winter fund collection cups, cigarette boxes, lots of documents and posters, Kathe Kollwitz (her museum is next).

Then, navigated home (a triumph), crashed (slept), got up, called Vajdon, bicycled madly to the bio (organic) market—I need green, leafy vegetables!!—pedaled like a mad-man back, Suzanne and Florino were waiting so that we could bicycle back up to the Alexanderplatz to watch Berlin Symphony, a classic silent film that captures the spirit of the city in 1929 with live accompaniment. It was a striking film in many ways and rings home with the work on Benjamin. Great talk re film, politics and why Americans are so insistent on not having good healthcare, then, speeding home on our bikes, I just thought, I have the best life. Pedaling madly with two new friends, through the streets of Berlin, the birds are singing loudly and when I got home got a FB msg. Martha McDevitt-Pugh, the found of Love Exiles and an American bi-national, queer exile (like Vajdon and me) has picked up The Drifts in the Netherlands and seems to be taken with it. Quick check-in with Vajdon and now sleep.

Tomorrow, I think a good run at Hitler’s former parade ground, Tempelhof, maybe with Kollwitz. It’s here in the hood (along with Checkpoint Charlie)….stay tuned.  Here’re some pics…and check out the way Walter Ruttmann (the director) uses lines in this clip from Berlin

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~ by Thom on May 3, 2011.

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