Hallo, Berlin!

At the tail end of jet lag. Writing like a mad-man, wandering the streets at weird hours over in Kreuzberg looking for food and coffee. And sleeeeep. Gorgeous sleeps. Deep, heavy conversations already with Ute (my flatmate) and Suzanne, her friend. Berliners very patient with my extremely more-than-limited german. But, I got the bicycle up to run, found an electronic store (love iphone map app) and ended up at some place very early this morning thinking it was a cafe. Which it was but one for little people and their mothers. The people who ran the place spoke no english and, well, you know my situation and I ended up with a plate of cold meat, cheese, butter, nutella, honey, jam, apple, kiwi, orange and one egg (hard-boiled). And this little guy who spoke as little german as me but we were very curious about each other.

Stay tuned…

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~ by Thom on May 2, 2011.

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