First Leg Done…Berlin Calling

So, back from Vermont & NYC for two weeks before taking off for Berlin and the next leg. In Vermont, I learned that iron was the ‘blood’ of the 19th century and that Walter Benjamin has given Tom Meuley an idea for composing algorithms that will be used to calculate the sale price of authentic, human exchanges (e.g. a touch, a glance, a smile). Someday, Tom proposes, we will go to ‘stores’ and gladly pay for these experiences. Very, very cool.

Both VT & NYC were more than inspiring—you should see the art people are making out there!! Piano-sculptures built to burn, stain-glass windows made of sugar, dresses made of sugar/chicken wire/sponges, evolving sculptures of beeswax—I could go on and on. It’s exciting out there folks. And I am grateful to have seen some of it. But, oh, did I start weeping when I saw you-know-who through the customs door. Here’re some more pics…

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~ by Thom on April 15, 2011.

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