Stonewall Inn, I’d Never Been…

But what a great place. The bartender ends every query with ‘bay-beh’ and lots of different people; very cas, very neighbourhood-y. And, as I was leaving, a young guy asked if I wanted him to take a pic of me which touched me a lot (it is NYC, after all). He snapped the pic and we hugged. I wonder if all of us feel like it’s home a bit when we go there.

The City is different from when I was here before. It’s quieter, actually. What with fines for honking, etc. I don’t remember that from before. And the subways. Sheesh. Sparkling. Hardly a spot of tagging. All the cars used to be tagged. Maybe I need to ride further out. In a way, I kind of miss that texture and chaotic spray-painting everywhere. It smells a lot less like urine than I remember. I hiked from 71st and the Frick down here to 32nd St. earlier. Here are pics of a tagger ‘Become Your Dream’ I keep seeing, people sketching in the Frick garden, skater boyz taking on Park Avenue, subway doors and riders, etc.

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~ by Thom on April 11, 2011.

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