Patricia Smiley, the sister of a good friend of mine, circulated her thoughts on gardening in the light of G20 security. I wanted to share them with you.

This afternoon I went to the community garden that is now so much a part of my life. This is such a peaceful and productive activity – I wanted to dig up the thistle weeds that are threatening to overpower the garlic that is just about ready to be harvested and used. Some of you may be aware that this garden is on the property of The Daily Bread Foodbank’s warehouse. And we have a wonderful view of Toronto’s new Police College, not to mention having a very large parking lot as our next door neighbour (separated from the garden by a tall chain link fence with barbed wire at the top.)

This parking lot has been the site of training sessions for police officers from far and away who will be providing security for the G20 meetings.

While I battled the weeds, three busloads of big men in black uniforms were out, practising their duties for next week. They tried on their riot gear, they formed walls with shields and batons, and they practised their war chants. After the rehearsal was over, they took group photographs. Deep, guttural, one syllable and in perfect unison, as was the execution of intimidating manoeuvres designed to let any person or any group of persons facing them know that the discussions about the world’s future must be protected.

The birds who sing from the top of the willow tree flew away.

Patricia Smiley, Toronto

~ by Thom on June 23, 2010.

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