‘Crapped’ on Kids

Ceara Sturgis & Mom

You know, there are so many fantastic educators out there doing great work and creating real change in the lives of young people.

And then, there are those who are not.  Isolation, abandonment, depression and suicide are unacceptable gifts to our young people – not to mention to ourselves.

Where would I be without Mrs. Beal, Mrs. Dison, Mrs. Morrison, Mr. Pioziak, Joyce Piven, Cubby Selby and all of the other teachers who opened their hearts, intelligence and embrace to a knobby-headed queer boy, then man, like me?

But perpetuating abuse doesn’t seem to be limited to the Catholic Church.  Another school board, this time in Mississippi, has decided to target a queer student.  Call/email these people (see contact information below) and share with them your thoughts on how they, as Ceara Sturgis’ Mom puts it, ‘crapped on’ her daughter.

My partner wrote an email:

Mr Greer, Mr Hawkins:

You were given the not insignificant responsibility of teaching young people what it is to be decent, honorable and fair — and you have sorely failed.  Your shocking treatment of Ceara Sturgis is not simply discriminatory but abusive, and you are culpable for the added, immeasurable crime of signaling to an entire graduating class, even an entire community, that this treatment is acceptable and legitimate.  It is neither.  It is not a cognitive stretch to say that the next time a gay or lesbian youth gets bashed or commits suicide in Jackson — and I hope you don’t naively believe that these sorts of things aren’t happening regularly around you everyday — that a little bit of that blood could be traced back to your hands.

Charged with making the world a better place, you have blundered in a way that Christ himself would deplore.

V. Sohaili

Here’s some info, via slog: “Time for an accountability moment: the website for the Wesson Attendance Center is here. Ronald Greer is WAC’s principal and you can email him at rdgreer@copiah.k12.ms.us. Oscar Hawkins is WAC’s high school principal and you can email him at ohawkins@copiah.k12.ms.us. The school’s phone number is (601) 643-2221. The school’s fax number is (601) 643-2458.”

~ by Thom on April 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “‘Crapped’ on Kids”

  1. Thankyou for posting the details. You wrote an excellent letter too. I’m pretty tired and not sure if I was even on the right point but I decided to send an e-mail. Just because I’m from another Country doesn’t mean I can’t tell him how immature his decision was, right?

    I wrote:
    “I wish to do nothing more then express my disgust to all those involved in the decision that lead to the cowardly, and extremely cruel act of leaving this young womans photo out of the highschool yearbook. I never imagined that a human being, in this modern day and age, could show such immaturity and lack of emotional intelligence, understanding, and compassion when it comes to something as simple as sexuality.

    You are someone who is meant to be a peer to students. But you’re nothing more then a schoolyard bully. Grow up.

    – ,

    Now that I think about it, my letter was pretty poorly written. (heh..) But I guess the people receiving it probably aren’t too bright anyway.


    • Tupac’s Friend,
      Thank you for your message and for writing to the school. ‘Schoolyard bully’ is a good way to put it. And, yes, you have every reason in the world (pun intended!) to resist this incident. Queer rights are Human Rights. End of story.

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