Great Interview, Awful Inbox

Okay, I just finished a great interview (at least from my end) for The Drifts w/ John Custodio of Queer Corps at CKUT, Montreal. You can listen here.

I hung up and checked my Inbox. The Toronto City Council is threatening to withhold resources to Pride. They want to censor political speech in the parade. The tension has been brewing ever since 2009 Pride when “Queers Against Israeli Apartheid” marched in the parade. Many people, but by no means all, were angry that this group – who dares to stand up to the monolithic wall of support for the government of Isreal – were allowed to march.

It's misleading to think that just bec' it's Isreal, that it's right.

But why shouldn’t they? I’m sure the Jews who are members of “Queers Against Isreali Apartheid” would have a thing or two to say about being called anti-semitic or anti-Zionist. I gathered w/ probably close to a thousand jews last night to watch Nuremburg, a long-suppressed documentary made by the U.S. Office of Military Information in 1948. It had never been seen in North America, until last night. Let me tell you, the message of tolerance and acceptance was not lost on myself or the audience.

And, as a queer American exile, forced from home bec’ of government policy, let me tell you there is a big difference between people denouncing such policies (such as Isreali occupations in Gaza and the West Bank) and anti-semitism or anti-Zionism. I am a proud and fierce advocate for Israel and the Palestinian peoples. In what moral universe could we choose one over the other? It is this lumping together of resistance to policies and anti-semitism/anti-Zionism that is a trap-door to catastrophe. We have to do better.

~ by Thom on April 19, 2010.

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