Response to Interview for The Drifts

After listening to the interview I did w/ Syrus Ware at 89.5, “Resistance on the Sound Dial.” Alison writes:

Hey there,

I just finished listening to your CIUT interview (while folding socks) and it was great! You really know how to sell a book. Syrus asked good questions and even the music they played ended up having a lot to do with your themes. I was really interested in your discussion about the stereotype of Southern intolerance. It’s a part of the world I only know through books and movies and it’s intriguing to me that one of the other cliches about the South is its acceptance of “eccentricity”. The two things must be related. Certainly, this is a topic that I think will be of interest when you’re promoting the book across Canada. We have a tendency – which I’m sure lots of urban Americans must have – to feel smug in relation to places like Arkansas, imagining them to be places only of small-mindedness and insularity. I guess we’re bigots in reverse!

Your description of the pregnant character also drew me in. My mother got pregnant (while on the pill!) with her 6th child when she was 42 years old and my dad was 47. I know this caused a HUGE rift between them and have always wanted to know more about her feelings on the matter. At this point, I can only guess. In any event, it’s yet another reason why I’m looking forward to reading “The Drifts”.

The podcast of the interview should be up on the CIUT site w/in a day or so.

Great HOUR w/ Syrus Ware!

After you listen and after you get your hands on a copy of the book, please share your thoughts here!

April 24, Reading at After Hours Luau as part of the Blue Metro Literary Fest at Delta Hotel, 777 University Ave., 9pm, Montreal

And, April 28, The Drifts Book Launch at Revival Cafe, 783 College, 8pm, Toronto

~ by Thom on April 18, 2010.

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