CA College Fdn. Invites #Palin – the golden cow.

The California College Foundation has invited Sarah Palin to speak and those of us who are little turned off by that choice have been accused of ‘intolerance’. What’s even worse is that the invitation has been extended because CCF is sure that this golden cow will lay a golden pile of cash. I’ll let you flesh out the metaphor.

The link’s above and here’s a little exchange I had w. another commenter:

jameyc – March 31, 2010 at 08:16 am
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Tolerance is for everyone except conservative Christians. Liberals are such a joke! They know their rhetoric cannot stand up to the scrutiny of truth!

9. thomvernon – March 31, 2010 at 09:09 am
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Jameyc Right. So, when SP is out there encouraging people to hunt down their representatives, and people across the political spectrum (btw) refuse to tolerate that, you and others frame it as intolerance. Well, damned right it is. I am intolerant of her violent, hateful and ignorant rhetoric whose logical underpinnings are rooted in cognitive disconnect.

And, what a slap in the face from CA College Fdn. to the thousands of alumni, professors and students to bring someone to speak who never uses critical-thinking or science or sound arguments just bec’ she’s train wreck draw. How about Al Gore? How about David Suzuki? How about Alice Walker? How about a million other more positive influences? Obviously, in terms of fundraising CCF is not thinking long-term. We’ll be alumni our whole lives; Palin probably won’t even hang around for a Q & A. As a Cal State Alumni, I am revolted and will think twice before I donate. Oy vey.

Don’t you love it when those most against a civil public discourse and an open and accepting public life, co-opt language (intolerance, hate crimes) from the feminist, gay and black civil rights movements to complain about resistance to their intolerance? Ann Coulter just did this in Ottawa because students there refused to let her spew her bile on their campus.

It’s incredible that then these demagogues and reality TV/pundit wannabes have the audacity and hubris to cry foul to those people upon whose necks they press their boot heels.

As an educator I have to say that it is choices like this that undermine the entire endeavour of education; higher, lower and in between.

~ by Thom on March 31, 2010.

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