A Little Note to the #Republicans & the 3 Gargoyles: #Palin, #Cheney & #Coulter

I wrote this in the email to the Republican Party:

I have to say how deeply, deeply disappointed I was at the condoning of the behavior of the Tea Baggers. How are we ever supposed to move forward with that nonsense going on? Every diminish-ment of the honor
and respect of office, whether a mayor, Congressional Reps. or, God help us, the President – sends a searing wound into our country. No matter at which point on the political spectrum one resides.

Go to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page and weep. What are we supposed to do when Sarah Palin is drawing rifle targets on the districts of representatives she’s “targeting”? What are we to do when Liz Cheney eggs her rallies on with calls for the lynching of the President and the Attorney General? How are we to respond when Ann Coulter calls a major presidential candidate (John Edwards) a faggot (clearly, she was mistaken.)? One of these jokers sought to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Ee-gads.

As I’ve said before, in Canada they’d be arrested for hate speech and inciting violence. In the States, they have to incite immediate violence. That distinction won’t matter to the person wounded or killed.

For these three gargoyles, their hate speech may sell books. But it sells our republic down the river. I’m not going to get into a patriotic chest-beat with likes of them or their fan base. For them it’s a performance and a ticket to the punditocracy, for us it’s our well-being. What did Palin do as soon as she had a national audience? She wrote a book, started charging $100, 000. for speaking engagements to her own kind and snatched a seat on Fox “News”. I’m so proud of Canadian students in Ottawa who stood up to Ann Coulter this week and said, Uh, uh. Not here you don’t.

After someone is incited to violence – then what? I sincerely don’t think they’ve taken the time to think out critically, the consequences of their words. But, then again, I heard an atrocious interview with Karl Rove today where he denied any strategy to sell the war, Bush’s lack of interest in policy debates and so on, and so on. I’d like to review that book as an exploration of the lack of a moral soul.

These people claim to act for “freedom” – whatever that is. But what kind of “freedom” will we have once another leader has been harmed? We all know the routine. That harming will be used as an excuse to strip civil liberties even further. My gosh, haven’t we seen this film a hundred times? In 1930s Russia? 1933 Germany? The various Intifadas? The 2000s with Iraq?

Please contribute to an environment of respectful public discourse. Without it, we are surely doomed.

~ by Thom on March 26, 2010.

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