The Drifts, my novel coming soon!

Here’s the catalog description of the novel I’ve written which will be published in Spring 2010 by Coach House.

The Drifts
a novel by Thom Vernon

Night is falling, and so is the snow. As a blizzard buries the ground, it uncovers the resentments, hopes and aches of a small town in northeastern Arkansas, where, like in any Southern small town, there are unwanted pregnancies to agonize over, surgeries to be paid for and love to be made.

Julie’s two daughters have just run off to Hollywood to get famous when she finds herself, at forty-six, unexpectedly expectant. She’s not sure she can stand to be a mother again. And her husband, Charlie, won’t come home to talk it over with her.

Charlie wants another child more than anything, but he doesn’t know how to deal with Julie. His affair with Wilson, his best friend, is over, but he’s found a different and unusual kind of intimacy – with a calf.

Wilson works in the Singer factory that keeps the town alive. She’s not in love with Charlie, though; she loves Dol.

Dol is a transsexual, a divorced father of two children, who can’t afford the transition that would make his body make sense – although the doctor visiting from Atlanta might change that.

Their very different voices converge as the blizzard gathers force, their stories violently mapping in the snow the ways that memory, gender and history carve themselves upon our bodies. The Drifts is dexterously told, a cacophony of four affecting voices melding
into one exquisite chord.

Praise for Thom Vernon:

‘A real gasser. Very good, very good.’ – Hubert Selby, Jr.

Thom Vernon has worked in film, television and theatre since 1989, including appearances on Seinfeld, General Hospital and The Fugitive. He has been the Actors’ Gang Youth Education Program director, and has worked extensively with at-risk people, including as an arts educator at the Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People. His screenplays and fiction have placed in various competitions, including Paramount’s Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project and the Open Door Contest. He hails from Michigan, but he and his partner live in exile in Toronto. This is his first novel.

ISBN 1 55245 228 x
978 1 55245 228 8
$19.95 cdn | $17.95 us
5 x 8 pb, 250 pages
world rights
april 2010

~ by Thom on November 23, 2009.

One Response to “The Drifts, my novel coming soon!”

  1. Well God Bless Eric and Thom. As long as there has been human kind we will always be attracted to whoever and history supports this. Attitudinal behaviour is generational. Maybe we should stop breeding??!!! haha. Kindness/compassion is out there I know, but battered babies will repeat. God Bless.

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