Well, another day of discriminatory legislation passed yesterday.
We did win a couple of small victories in Washington State and elsewhere. But all in all my sense is that we’re just going to continue batting our civil rights back and forth. The amount of energy, the tremendous resources and heart & souls of our people is not feeding our communities.

We’ve surrendered for too long to the incrementalism of HRC and other national queer “leaders”. Look how long it took to get a hate crimes law! But we got it, so I’m thankful. But now how about housing protection? How about partner immigration? On election day, my suggestion is that we show up and watch throughout the day but that we don’t vote. We just stop participating in this ballot/proposition charade. We stand there And instead, we admit that no civil rights have every been extended to any Americans at the poll. No, this has to ordered. This way, we stay invigorated and excited about battling these bigots. And show those on the Right and the Left that we’re watching and, for us, this is our lives. Not winning an election.

~ by Thom on November 4, 2009.

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  1. I was guilty of having the incrementalist urge this morning. But your post and a sobering one from David Mixner are making me reconsider:

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