Accountability is a Virtue

A lesson in accountability and responsibility from Edith Bunker:

There is no question in my mind that we need to investigate the Bush Administration for crimes against the American people and others. Torture, Guantanamo, wire-tapping, environmental devastation, cronyism, no-bid contracts, firing of federal prosecutors, etc. To restore our moral standing with ourselves, first. And, second, to restore our moral standing in the world.

Who is going to listen to our advice in Israel or Gaza, for example, when we are grossly over-leveraged to the Chinese, six years into a failed occupation targeting petro supremacy, eight years into the abyss that is the Afghanistan effort; when 10% of Americans are in prison; when our infrastructure is collapsing all around us in Tennessee, Minnesota, New Orleans; when the FDA and EPA is loaded with corporate petro-chem-mining representatives – who are we kidding? Americans are the only ones who suggest that their government has moral authority.

When Dick Cheney or Donald Rumsfeld or perhaps even Bush go abroad, there is a good chance that they will be charged with War and Human Rights crimes. We will lose the opportunity to restore our national virtue if we do not hold our leaders accountable according to the rule of law.

For whatever reason, probably political expediency, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have not initiated these proceedings in spite of the good fight fought by John Conyers. But now, our country has seen the future and has regained the moral vision needed to account for the past. The problem with Obama’s looking forward is that that future won’t happen if we haven’t taken responsibility for the past. We can do it.

And if you need a little pep talk about virtue, see Edith! She’ll straighten you out:

Read more about holding the Bush Administration to account.

~ by Thom on January 19, 2009.

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