Ann Coulter Slams Michelle Obama In New Book

Why do the media (e.g. HuffPo) continue to give voice to these hate-mongers? I’ve done my best to avoid the hateful rhetoric coming from her over the years, but really, it’s so tired – isn’t it? Are we really shocked that she doesn’t like Michelle Obama? If we would stop helping to advertise the Coulters, Warrens, Limbaughs – oh, I forgot, he’s an “entertainer” – we would go a long way towards ending hate-speech and divisiveness. From my vantage point, as a queer exile in Canada, Warren would be charged with hate-speech crimes as would Limbaugh and Coulter. In the US, it’s called “free speech” even if it leads to people getting beat up, bashed or killed. It doesn’t squash anybody’s rights to deny them the right to diminish others while building themselves up. There is a difference between Free Speech and Hate Speech. One of the reasons I’m in exile is bec’ the US can’t seem to figure that out (e.g. Warren at the Inauguration).
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~ by Thom on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ann Coulter Slams Michelle Obama In New Book”

  1. Yeah, I’m getting REALLY TIRED of hearing it masked as an “opinion”.

    Well, H8 IS an “opinion”, but it also qualifies as HATE SPEECH.

    At least in enlightened societies. Unless anyone wants to loan me $10,000 to hop to Canada….I’m stuck. Look for me on PBS…

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