National Queer Day of Protest!

Organizing in Your City

This is from a call out on for a National Queer Day of Protest….

Hello Everyone!

Well, we started this initiative on Friday morning (November 7th) and have already had over 20,000 visitors to the site!!! Many of you are volunteering to help organize, so let me tell you what we need:

1. We need AT LEAST one point person in every major city. Please post your email address if you are volunteering to organize or some other way for people to contact you.

2. Please create a local blog for organizing or a Facebook/MySpace page so that you can do a blanket shout out to your area if any changes need to be made.

3. Please contact your local Gay & Lesbian Center and get them on board. They can help with getting permits, getting the word out, getting speakers, and much much more!

4. Please print up a flyer available at and put it all over your city.

5. If you would like to organize in an area not already noted on the Protest Locations page, please let me know and I will add your location to the mix provide there are enough volunteers to help organize in your area.

6. If you feel that City Hall is not a good protest location for your area, and you are the organizer, let me know and I’ll change the location link to match the location that you are advertising on your local protest page.

THANKS SO MUCH TO EVERYONE!!!! YOU ARE ALL SHOWING OUR COMMUNITY THAT WE CAN COME TOGETHER IN HUGE NUMBERS AND GET OUT THE WORD!!! Keep up the good work, we’re mobilizing in a way we never have before and the excitement that I have heard and seen is outrageous!

~ by Thom on November 10, 2008.

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