Sarah Palin: Wink, nudge

Apparently, wigs and shoes that will make a girl look like Sarah Palin are flying off the shelves. Everyone wants to look like this mother of five from Alaska. Not since Carol Brady has birthing babies looked so good. Apparently.

I’ve got nothing against the lady myself; save for her anti-choice, cronyistic, banning books, knock-off-the-polar bears ways of taking care of business. Aside from that, she’s stood up for her kid in the face of moralistic attacks the media ought to be ashamed of, taken on the chin attacks on her character and had to put up with the fawning of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I do hope neither she nor her husband has affairs with ice fishermen or a sweet heart deals with oil companies lurking in the shadows. That will get ugly. Oh, who am I kidding, they probably have. Even today we read that seven of her state employees have agreed to cooperate with the investigation into her firing of her ex-brother-in-law. Even a mouthpiece of the right, former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan is flabbergasted and caught on an open mic saying, “The most qualified? No! I think they went for this–excuse me–political bullshit about narratives.”

But what interests me is that Americans aren’t asking, rather the media isn’t distributing, questions about her stance on key issues facing the country. Torture and its uses; equal civil protections for all members of our society; the national debt; the collapse of the banking system; the consequences of No Child Left Behind; hell, they’re not even asking about Katrina and the fact that the levees still haven’t been fixed and the wetlands repaired.

They also aren’t asking why she was chosen. The quick answer provided was to out Democrat the Democrats; shove an insta-Hil out onto the national stage so that our attention is consumed by digesting the hair, the shoes, the high school friends – the getting to know you first date but never get to second base, or god forbid, third. Never, never the issues. With only four weeks to go, Sarah Palin has been interviewed by Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric and a slew of righter-wing journalists. Trust me, Karl Rove intends to drag this smile-curtsy-nod dog and pony show out as long as he can. And all of his minions (Rush, Dr. Laura, Bill, Sean, et al.) have received their marching orders. The longer it drags out, the less time we have to talk about what matters: the crushing economic meltdown, no healthcare and a rapidly crumbling public educational system. We’re drilling our students to standardized tests because that’s George Bush’s idea of education and we’re drilling the wells that James Watts (Reagan’s Interior Secretary) tried to ram down our throats 20 years ago. In a crisis, no can think straight apparently. It is The Shock Doctrine. And, like I said in 2004, Americans deserve everything that happens: the wars, the foreclosures, the moral desert. Everything. Because we refuse to accept responsibility for our democracy and ourselves. Americans refuse to be citizens, they prefer to be folks. Citizens have responsibilities and duties. They have a role to play in the daily running of our country. ‘Folks’, on the other hand, remain undefined, somewhat familiar, always unaccountable and relatively benign.

The big not-so-secret secret of 2004 and 2008 is that Americans don’t care. We deserve what happens because we know Ol’ Karl does not want us discussing issues. And, all of us realize that we don’t want to talk about the issues. We don’t care that our brothers and sisters are being blown up by IEDs as long as our new hybrid SUVs get 20 mph and the grill’s smokin’ on the patio. We don’t care that these same soldiers are wallowing sans arms, legs and sanity in hospitals and bedrooms all across the country because it might mean we made a mistake. We don’t care because gnawing at all of us is that fact that we let a bunch of military-industrial complex frat boys hijack the American government and all we did is focus on whether Sarah Palin and the President said ‘nuke-u-lar” or “nuclear.” We don’t care that the government turned its back on New Orleans. In a paraphrase of the masterful Naomi Klein we don’t care if bad weather met worse infrastructure.

~ by Thom on October 7, 2008.

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